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Armed for the battle Ministries is a nonprofit corporation started by John and Summer Guidry. They have 16 years of experience speaking, training, mentoring and facilitating instruction for marriage and family classes, seminars, retreats, and conferences for churches and para-ministries. John and Summer have battled through the trenches of many marital hardships in their twenty-eight years of marriage including 15 years of active duty military service, 14 years of John traveling up to 60% of the year in defense contracting and Summer surviving stage IV breast cancer. These hardships have given us great perspective on standing firm in adversity together! As speakers, we offer classes, conferences and retreats covering spiritual disciplines for marriages, common marital issues, resolving conflict, impacting your community and much more. We want to provide face to face contact by presenting to your group in person whenever possible.

Please contact us directly for scheduling and fees.